Ice Cube

At the present scenario, with an increased ratio of the technology, we are the best Ice Cube manufacturers & suppliers in Delhi NCR who are consistently rendering the quality Ice Cubes (tube) by utilizing the quality RO water and process in an advanced technology plant and machinery as well. We believe that this kind of ice is the most suitable for consumption in eatables.

Ice Slabs

Actually, it is the raw ice in the form of slabs of approximately 50 Kgs in weight. We are the leading Crush Ice manufacturers & suppliers in Delhi NCR who manufacture the same with the purified water and thus, use it for the chilling purpose.

Carving Ice Block

Solid ice is utilized especially for carving the Ice sculptures which also produce the crystal clear blocks, white blocks, and color blocks as well. We also contain the business tie-up with La Gott, Sweden for preparing Ice Bar, Lounge and sculptures.

Crush Ice

We have also involved our self in providing the crush ice by crushing the ice cubes in the ice crushers. Thus, it is as hygienic as Ice Cubes.

Dry Ice

Our esteemed clients can easily avail a wide range of the Dry Ice from us with complete cost-adequacy. Basically, It is a solid carbon dioxide which can be easily handled by making use of an insulated glove (never handle with bare hands). It is also consumed for the storage of food and substances which are required to be kept under low temperature.

Soft Drinks

We are the well reckoned and an authorized distributor of the Hindustan Coca Cola Co. Ltd serving especially for the areas of Connaught Place, New Delhi. We contain an entire range of Coca Cola product.

Drinking & Mineral Water and Soda

We provide the supply of the drinking water, soda and tonic water along with the different brand names such as Kinley, Bisleri, Catch and Schweppes. Our services of the Mineral Water is sweet in taste and completely consists of an appropriate amount of dissolved mineral. We supply 200ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr, 5ltr and 20ltr jars of water with complete cost-effectiveness.

Bed Sheet & Towels

Despite, the services of Ice and drinking water, we are also an authorized as well as an exclusive Bombay dyeing retailer especially for a wide collection of the Bed Sheets, Towels and other Bombay Dyeing products. Everything is available with us in the customize range as per your concerns.